4 Steps for Barakah in your business

By Shaykh Nagib Khan (Bristol, UK)

I went to the local shop in Leicester to buy some naan. After placing my order I was just waiting on the side and noticed that the guy in the shop was just staring at the door and had no smile on his face . It seemed like he was just annoyed that no one was coming to buy anything. I noticed he kept looking at the clock then the door and was becoming more miserable.

Initially I was reluctant to start a conversation and then I just started talking to him …

Me: Dear uncle , you look a bit unhappy ..

Uncle: no, just stressed, I’ve got these 3 guys working at the back and no matter what happens I have to pay them .. I’m not getting any customers and the clock is ticking fast.

Me: Uncle, shall I tell you a secret? If you want your Business to get busy do the following:

1. Smile a lot.


It’s a sunnah and will attract customers.

2. Say Alhamdulillah!


Keep repeating it and think of all the favours Allah has blessed you with . (The other 3 guys were listening and they all started saying Alhamdulillah too). The secret to getting more from Allah is to thank him for what he has already given you.

3. Praise the Prophet (Sallallahu Alyhiwasallam)


Send abundant salutations on the beloved Prophet as this will bring Allah’s blessings

4. Make lots of dua


Make dua that Allah blesses all the other Bussiness on this street and makes them very busy . ????

Uncle: (He looked at me and said) what do you mean make dua for them to get busy. They are my competitors why should I do dua for them ????

Me: Uncle when you will make dua for them, the angels will say ameen to your dua and they will will say ‘and the same for you’. (So Allah will give you more than the others ).

Uncle: (He paused for a while and then hesitantly said ) Ya Allah .. give lots of customers to all the shops

By the end of the conversation the shop was buzzing with happy workers and a happy manager and the atmosphere was super charged. All the workers were smiling and their tongues were busy praising Allah.

I felt so buzzed that I started ordering food for my neighbours