8 Mile Walk for Charity- Mile End to Regents Park

Alhamdulillah on 26th December 2014, we completed the 8 Mile Walk in support of Ummah Girl’s Academy (UGA) a project of Ummah Welfare Trust.








We had planned this walk for over a month now and started fundraising. Our initial target was £2000 but Alhamdulillah we raised just over £1000 by the grace and Mercy of Allah. Our donors have never failed us and donations were pouring in from Muslims and Non-Muslims. Many shared the appeal to their contacts and raised awareness about the UGA.

We began the walk at 9am from Mile End Park. We decided to take the Regents Canal route all the way to Regents Park Masjid.

The walk was really nice; even though the weather was cold I suppose one experiences something different whilst walking in this cold. I actually like walking in the cold!

It was nice to have passers by saying ‘good morning’ to us, shows the humanity in people. There were people walking their dogs (I don’t like dogs!), Barges moored on the Canal, birds tweeting, wind rustling the trees…just beautiful! No sound of cars honking at each other, or smell of pollution. It felt like a different world.

Going back to the Barges (which I call ‘Rosie and Jim Boats from my childhood TV program!) we spent some time admiring these and contemplating on how people lived their lives on Barges rather than normal houses. Rofikul actually had been on a Barge a few weeks ago which is owned by a Lithuanian friend of his so he told us a bit about his experience.








The walk we knew was going to take a bit of time especially when we had in one straight line. But we didn’t mind.

We took our first short break sitting on a bench overlooking the canal. We didn’t spend too much time as our main goal was to get to Regents Park Masjid for Jummah.

Our next break was for a late breakfast. Masum had made Chicken Sandwiches which we ate sitting by the canal. The birds, seagulls and ducks joined us too! (no we didn’t give them any chicken bits!)…

We saw quite a few things on our way. There is a Tunnel which was built by a James Morgan in 1815. Basically he set up a competition for tunnel designs, but he was disappointed with the turn out so he decided to design and take the job on. It took him three years using navvies, explosives, wheelbarrows, horses and physical strength. As you can’t walk through the tunnel we had to go up to street level…and got lost! We had no idea where the canal continued from. Utilising our phone GPS we found a path way and a nice gentleman (who we think was part of the Navy due to his clothing), helped us find it again. So we ended up in Angel, Islington and continued our journey.








Rofikul had told us that there is a Costa Coffee shop on the canal side somewhere ahead so we were quite excited when we found it! A quick stop over for Hazelnut Latte and then back on the canal again towards Camden Town.

Here is a place called Little Venice and the Camden Lock market. It was interesting to see these especially the market which I compared to Bazaars in Bangladesh for the way it looked! But there were stall holders selling food from different parts of the world which was nice to see. It was nice to meet a family (I think they were from Spain or South America) and have a bit of laughter with them.

Moving on as soon as we saw the St. Pancreas Clock Tower (yes the one Harry Potter flew the car around with) we knew Regents Park wasn’t too far away. Time was ticking and we had to up our pace to make sure we don’t miss the Khutbah. So when we saw the London Zoo we admired the animals which we saw and walked a bit quicker. The Golden Dome of the Regents Park Masjid appeared and we began saying Allahu Akbar! We made it in good time to be able to refresh and take up our seats. It was my first time praying Jumuah at Regents Park Masjid and I was amazed by the large diverse group of worshippers.








Alhamdulillah a wonderful experience and we are already planning a 20Mile Walk soon inshaAllah!

I really want to thank all our supporters who made duas for us, donated to the cause and spread the message. We appreciate each and every one of you though some we never met and don’t know personally. Those ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on facebook were much appreciated, those messages on WhatsApp, group and individual encouragement were encouraging. Alhamdulillah for a wonderful Ummah! Special thanks to Ummah Welfare Trust PR Managers in London as well as Ashjaarul Jannah who have supported us greatly with this appeal.

My little sister had made Meat Noodles and it was really nice to come back and have a delicious plate full of it! Yummy!

If you still want to donate to the appeal, feel free, no pressure


and please watch this video which is heartbreaking but a reality


More information on the Ummah Girls Academy:










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