REVIEW: Last Chance film by Shaykh Muhammad Hoblos

I had the chance to watch the much anticipated and one of its kind film, produced by world famous speaker Shaykh Muhammad Hoblos and One Path Network.

Personally was quite surprised that such a film was being shown in a Cinema as its not usual for this to happen within the Muslim community, particularly when a lot of the time we are encouraged to not go to cinemas, just like we are told to stay away from nightclubs, pubs and indecent places. I have only gone to a cinema three times previously, all due to work and college projects!

So I booked the tickets, for few other friends too and was actually excited. The Last Chance was a film that was shown in Australia and bought up here in UK (I say up because they are down under!). I was a little skeptical as I watched the trailer and it was nothing compared to the Fast and Furious! Lol didn’t expect much so kept a open mind.



Having told my friends to meet up at Vue Cinema in Westfield Stratford, I rushed there to be on time, as I usually hate being late for programs. I was heading for the 7:45pm showing. There was another showing just before this.

There was a huge queue in the Cinema foyer as a lot of people had come down, probably at least 1000 people came to this showing. Though the film was scheduled for 7:45, due to some delays, registration etc we got in around 8:15.

Just before entering the cinema hall, we got to meet Shaykh Muhammad Hoblos, Alhamdulillah. He actually came up to us and shook our hands. I was very touched by that and happy as this was the first time I saw him in person.

There was a short introduction about One Path Network, which is a media organisation based in Australia who have so far over 120 million views on their videos! SubhanAllah, it was such an inspiring short clip to learn more about this project and appreciate the effort they are doing. They were the people behind the popular video ‘Gifted by Cancer’ by brother Ali Banat, may Allah grant him shifa, Aameen. There was also a presentation by the charity One Ummah and the video showed brother Tauqir ‘Tox’ Sharif who is working tirelessly in Syria, May Allah aid him and bring Syria to stability, Aameen.

Shaykh Muhammad Hoblos gave a short introduction to the film, telling the audience that the stories were actually based on true events. He even told the audience to enjoy their popcorns and nachos, something that might sound funny or to some weird, but that just shows the type of person he is. Not grumpy and not just fiery like his lecture. But rather down to Earth and accessible.

Alhamdulillah we got to pray Salatul Maghrib in the hall after which the film started.

I was taken aback by the quality of the film. They said it took them around two years to make this film, so you could appreciate the effort that went behind it. It was really good, though cliche in that some of the scenes were expected ie. starting off with a guy falling into wordly temptations, having family problems, falling into drugs etc.

But I liked the storyline. It hit home to me because I am a Youth Worker by profession and I see and hear things shown on the film.  I am involved with youth who are on drugs, alcohol, violating girls, murder etc… yes Muslims. I have been greatly inspired by this to further my work.

The producers didn’t compromise on the quality of the film. They used nice cars such as Ferraris, BMW, Mercedes, luxury houses and even the gangsters were very realistic.

I’m trying not to give too much out about the film, one thing I want to achieve from this post is for you to donate to One Path Network and help them carry on their effort of da’wah.

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Ps. Alhamdulillah we were given permission by One Path Network to write this review