Second Chance

The wind blew against her face. She is looking straight at lands far away as the sun slowly sets behind her. Rain begins to pour from the sky.

Her clothes are beginning to get wet, but she is not worried about that now. She is now determined yet at the same time reluctant.

To her it seems like the best thing to do, a decision she took without telling others. Not her friends, nor her family. The wind is now fluttering her hair, covering her face. It’s getting dark and she feels the time is coming. Nobody can stop her now.

Her hands are holding on, but the grip is slowly loosening. The rain isn’t helping either. Through her eyes, she can see buildings lighting up as families are united together around the table for their meals. She takes a deep gulp. She thinks about her own family, her little sister Sufiya, her brother Maruf, and her group of friends… But she quickly shakes them out of her mind. Enough is enough.

Nobody helped her or cared about her. Her friends wouldn’t listen. The guy she thought loved her no longer wants to know her anymore. She is reminding herself about the problems and sufferings she went through. A tear rolls down her cheeks. Clubbing, smoking, going out with boys were the norm for her. She tried to stop and look ahead of her life. Grades at University were falling and one problem after another kept coming towards her.

There is no peace. As she is about to let go, she hears sounds of footsteps behind her and feel a hand on her shoulders.

She is startled and slowly looks behind to see someone behind her. It is too dark to see the face of this stranger. He extends his hands to her. Her hands begin to tremble. What should she do? She feels that she cannot go back, not to that miserable life. But is it worth doing this?

Tears roll down her cheeks.

Pebbles from beneath her shoes fall into the river below. The face of the stranger seems very bright. His smile shines like the sun, even in this very dark night. How can he look so peaceful and she doesn’t? The river is dark now. She can’t see very clearly.

The stranger speaks.

“Ayesha, do not despair, Allah is always with you.”

Wait a minute she knows that voice! A car drives past, its headlights reveals the face of the stranger. No, he is no stranger, he is her father. Ayesha’s heart feels at ease. The one person who never left her side was her father ever since her mother passed away. He never shouted at her for doing all the wrong things. Why didn’t she turn to him before?

Slowly she climbs over the railings onto the bridge. That one sentence, echoing in the quiet night brings peace to her heart. Ayesha grabs tightly onto her father’s hands. There is a second chance.

“Allah is always with you.”